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Ansible and ControlMaster file naming

This is a short story of how Ansible and SSH (using the default ControlMaster path format) bite me. Lets take this network layout for example, where we have the same IP behind different machines....

Force WP-CLI output to be in English

I need to manage several insensate of WordPress installations, some of them are in Hebrew and one in Arabic, and when using wp-cli to manage the installation, e.g when running plugin update, wp-cli will...

How to Debug PHP Script From the CLI with PHP-XDEBUG

TL;DR Set your IDE to listen for incoming connections On the CLI set the session key,

Set XDEBUG configuration (can be set as environment variables or in-line parameters)

PS. set remote_host IP...

Upgrading Fedora Installation on DigitalOcean

I found this method works for me,

You may need to run restorecon -R / to fix any SELinux issues. Resource https://gist.github.com/kallisti5/01f6df3bfb77b978abfe

ZSH Home / End Keys

Self note, Add this lines to ~/.zshrc


Matching non ASCII characters in NGiNX location

If you need to match a non ASCII string with NGiNX, and don’t want to use the encoded URL, you can use this trick,

Resources http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28055909/does-nginx-support-raw-unicode-in-paths http://serverfault.com/questions/656096/rewriting-ascii-percent-encoded-locations-to-their-utf-8-encoded-equivalent