GitKraken not loading in Fedora ( issue)

GitKraken is a very nice tool to work with git, it really simplify some of the common tasks which most users need to work with git, and the nice GUI is another plus.

Long story short, after some time working with GitKraken, I upgraded to version 3.XX (from 2.X) and GitKraken stopped working, running the application from the terminal spit this messages:

So after finding this issue on electron github issues, it was seems a problem with Electron and not GitKraken it self, seems like they upgraded there version of Electron which brought this problem with it.

So my quick fix for this problem was to created the missing file by linking to the one I all ready have in my system (it a Debain/Redhat naming convention problem).



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2 Responses

  1. Sahir says:

    still not working for fedora 28

    • Rabin says:

      There is some unresolved problem with GitKraken on Fedora when using it with git over ssh, the application will reload each time it try to access to remote server. I was able to use the Flatpak package and it works pretty well for me right now.

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