My top “MUST HAVE” extensions for Firefox

  • Tree Style Tab
    • This one is A must have for any need to work with many tabs
  • uBlock Origin
    • This one dosn’t need any introduction 馃檪
  • uMatrix
    • From the same creator of uBlock Origin, this addon, will give more control on the resource the page will try to load (3rd party css/js/fonts …)
  • LastPass Password Manager
    • One of the best password managers, I use this one and not the build it manager in FF to sync the DB across all my browsers.
  • Vimium
    • Stop using the mouse to navigate web-pages, when you can do everything with vim key binding (can conflit with some site which have a key-shortcuts like Gmail)
  • Tampermonkey
  • Stylus
  • FoxyProxy
    • Much less powerful after the migration to WebExtention, but still one of the best.


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