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Upgrading Fedora Installation on DigitalOcean

I found this method works for me,

You may need to run restorecon -R / to fix any SELinux issues. Resource https://gist.github.com/kallisti5/01f6df3bfb77b978abfe

ZSH Home / End Keys

Self note, Add this lines to ~/.zshrc


Matching non ASCII characters in NGiNX location

If you need to match a non ASCII string with NGiNX, and don’t want to use the encoded URL, you can use this trick,

Resources http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28055909/does-nginx-support-raw-unicode-in-paths http://serverfault.com/questions/656096/rewriting-ascii-percent-encoded-locations-to-their-utf-8-encoded-equivalent

gnuplot icon

Visualize real-time data streams with Gnuplot

Some times when I need to troubleshoot a problem, adding some visualization to the process can help a lot, especially if one need to correlate between 2 (or more) metrics in the data. But...

Run Command Before Starting SSH Connection

This a quick hack I found while I was looking to run a knock script before connecting to servers which I have the SSH service protected with a knock sequence. In my setup I...

[PHP] Validate Email Address Format

A quick snippet I use to validate email address format.



Building CinelerraCV for Fedora 22 under Docker

The Dockerfile

This Dockerfile will use Fedora Docker image (which you can download from any Fedora mirror server, and then use docker import to import the image) as the base for our builder image,...