Building CinelerraCV for Fedora 22 under Docker

The Dockerfile

This Dockerfile will use Fedora Docker image (which you can download from any Fedora mirror server, and then use docker import to import the image) as the base for our builder image, then we update all packages to be up 2 date, and install all the packages needed for a basic building machine.

I also added VOLUME directive to allow me to mount a local folder from my host into the container.

The RPM .spec file

Run & Build

Into the the container with

And now put the .spec file in the SPECS/ folder, and the downloaded tar.gz file into SOURCES/.

If you need to download the source file you can runs this command, which will got and fetch the source# files into the SOURCES folder.


You can use -bX options to run only specific builds, e.g

So let start with prep section prep

next build,

note that you can use the --short-circuit flag to run only the specific build and not running all the stages up to the build you want.

more flags,

… Next is to learn how to use mock …

Side notes

Import a Docker image

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