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Make krunner bigger

I didn’t find any simple option, but I was able to hack it around, With Fedora, I edit the file `/usr/lib64/qt5/qml/org/kde/milou/ResultDelegate.qml:183` and increased the font size by multiplying the `Layout.preferredWidth` and `Layout.preferredHeight` And the...


Install All The Nerd Fonts

This is a small script I wrote for myself to download all the NERD Fonts automatically. Gist:


Manually run dkms to build kernel modules

Some time dkms will fail to build a new version of a module after package upgrade or kernel upgrade, so this is my quick notes about this *note: you don’t need to add the...


Using gpg (1.x) with gpg-agent (v2.x)

If one needs to sign/encrypt multiplies files and the PGP key is encrypted, they can use the gpg-agent to keep the key accessible for some period of time and enter the password once. For...

GTK+ logo 0

Overwrite the default GTK theme per application

I love using a dark theme on my system, currently I’m running the Adapta theme. But not all applications looks great in dark themes, some need tweaking, this is a quick hack to overwrite...