Make krunner bigger

I didn’t find any simple option, but I was able to hack it around,

With Fedora, I edit the file `/usr/lib64/qt5/qml/org/kde/milou/ResultDelegate.qml:183` and increased the font size by multiplying the `Layout.preferredWidth` and `Layout.preferredHeight`

-Layout.preferredWidth: units.iconSizes.smallMedium
-Layout.preferredHeight: units.iconSizes.smallMedium
+Layout.preferredWidth: units.iconSizes.smallMedium*6
+Layout.preferredHeight: units.iconSizes.smallMedium*6

And the font size by editing the file `~/.config/krunnerrc` and adding the next line to the [General] section

font=Monaspace Krypton Var,24,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0

Krunner with bigger icons

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