OBS (XComposite) Window Capture show only “unknown” options

On OBS when I tried to used the Flatpak package on Fedora 34 with KDE, and tried to use the XComposite option to capture a specific window, all the capture options in the select box showed with titles as “unknown”. Googling a bit and I found my first clue in this issue on the OBS GitHub repo.

So how do you inject an environment variable to a Flatpak application, the easy way would be to use a tool like Flatseal (A Flatpak to manage Flatpak applications) to change/add the environment variable I needed.

Or you can use the CLI to do it

#flatpak override --env=VARIABLE_NAME=VARIABLE_VALUE full.application.Namea
flatpak override --env=LANG=en_US.UTF-8 com.obsproject.Studio


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