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Expand GitHub Branch Actions Block

If you have a large list of actions in your action block, you will have to scroll inside of it, and I find it annoying, luckily you can fix it very easily with Firefox...


Download All Torrent Magnet Links In A Page

If you’re lucky and have search engine which list the results with their magnet links, and you found the right query to list only the torrent you are looking for, one can use this...


Convert certificate format with OpenSSL

Convert a PEM file to DER (crt etc) $ openssl x509 -outform der -in certificate.pem -out certificate.crt Convert a PKCS#12 file (.pfx .p12) containing a private key and certificates to PEM $ openssl pkcs12...

ZSH Home / End Keys 0

ZSH Home / End Keys

Self note, Add this lines to ~/.zshrc bindkey ‘\e[1~’ beginning-of-line # Linux console bindkey ‘\e[H’ beginning-of-line # xterm bindkey ‘\eOH’ beginning-of-line # gnome-terminal bindkey ‘\e[2~’ overwrite-mode # Linux console, xterm, gnome-terminal bindkey ‘\e[3~’ delete-char...


Matching non ASCII characters in NGiNX location

If you need to match a non ASCII string with NGiNX, and don’t want to use the encoded URL, you can use this trick, location ~* (*UTF8)^/אודות$ { return 301 “”; } Resources


[PHP] Validate Email Address Format

A quick snippet I use to validate email address format. <?php if (empty($argv[1])) { echo ‘usage: ‘ . $argv[0] . ‘ [email protected]’ . PHP_EOL; exit (1); } array_shift($argv); foreach ($argv as $key => $email)...