Download All Torrent Magnet Links In A Page

If you lucky and have search engine which list the results with there magnet links, and you found the right query to list only the torrent you are looking for, one can use this bookmarklet to easily “click” on all the magent links in the page, which if you associate the magnet uri handling to your torrent client, and allowed the auto-open action in the browser, will fill you torrent client with all the torrents in a single click.

javascript:(function(){  document.querySelectorAll("a[href^='magnet:']").forEach(element => })();

Create bookmark and set the above line as the page destination.

Here we using the querySelectorAll to filter all elements from the DOM which are type of a (hyperlink) with the attribute href (the link destination) and it value start with magnet: and then for each we simulate a click action.

One can easily adapt this line to click all the links with *.torrent extension.

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  1. BIll says:

    This script only downloads the first magnet link on a page.

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