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Laravel & Lumen with Informix DB

I was looking to try and work with Lumen to create a API frontend for few services we have, and the problem I had was to make Laravel/Lumen to work with Informix DB. I...

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Automated SSL/TLS Cert in CVP

Although CloudVision runs on CentOS 7 and uses nginx as a front end for the services, you can’t just use letsencrypt to issue a cert, as it seems like CV will overwrite it each time....

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Overwrite the default GTK theme per application

I love using a dark theme on my system, currently I’m running the Adapta theme. But not all applications looks great in dark themes, some need tweaking, this is a quick hack to overwrite...


Convert certificate format with OpenSSL

Convert a PEM file to DER (crt etc) $ openssl x509 -outform der -in certificate.pem -out certificate.crt Convert a PKCS#12 file (.pfx .p12) containing a private key and certificates to PEM $ openssl pkcs12...

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Running Java GUI application in Docker

This is a more specific use case of running GUI application with Docker, the procedure is pretty simple (and most option are common for most GUI application), You mount the UNIX socket for the...


Setup NAT with iptables

The  Setup Having this setup where Machine A like to connect the Internet via Machine B. Add the following lines to the iptables and make sure to enable forwarding on Machine B

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Ansible and ControlMaster file naming

This is a short story of how Ansible and SSH (using the default `ControlMaster` path format) bite me. Lets take this network layout for example, where we have the same IP behind different machines....


Force WP-CLI output to be in English

I need to manage several insensate of WordPress installations, some of them are in Hebrew and one in Arabic, and when using `wp-cli` to manage the installation, e.g when running `plugin update`, `wp-cli` will...


How to Debug PHP Script From the CLI with PHP-XDEBUG

TL;DR Set your IDE to listen for incoming connections On the CLI set the session key, Set XDEBUG configuration (can be set as environment variables or in-line parameters) PS. set remote_host IP to the...