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Understanding OpenShift CagalogSource Image

The CatalogSource is the definition of a source that contains bundles (packages) that we can install on our cluster, in the CatalogSource definition, there is a pointer to the index image, e.g let’s examine...


Download All Torrent Magnet Links In A Page

If you’re lucky and have search engine which list the results with their magnet links, and you found the right query to list only the torrent you are looking for, one can use this...

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Jenkins systemd service file

This is a small snippet to run Jenkins via systemd service unit and not via the included init.d file (which systemd need to auto-generate a unit for it).

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Running Laravel Sail with Podman

Start the Podman system service Be sure the podman-docker and docker-compose packages are installed. After installing the packages, start the Podman systemd socket-activated service using the following command: